Team activity — Implement needs-based problem solving

A team building activity about improving effectiveness and reducing negative emotions in the workplace.

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All emotions, thoughts and behaviours  interconnect with our core, basic human needs. Problems and conflicts – in and out of the workplace –  (and elsewhere) can result from work-specific needs that either aren’t or are threatened to go unsatisfied. Knowing how to implement needs-based problem-solving can help managers become more effective. Using this skill also helps to reduce negative emotions in the workplace. 

There are 4 important steps to needs-based problem-solving: 

  1. Identify the work-specific needs of all involved parties. These include:
    • Appreciation
    • Fairness
    • Equity in decision-making and respect
  2. Collaborate creatively on possible strategies for ensuring the most important needs of all parties are met in a mutually agreeable way.
  3. Affirm an agreement. Address any misunderstandings, and discuss a process for handling the problem in the future, if necessary.
  4. Document the agreement, providing all parties with a copy. You can use this approach to help a worker with compromised concentration, perception or memory.

Review the four steps to needs-based problem-solving next time you are required to address a conflict or other problem situation. Remember to ICAD: 

Identify needs 

Collaborate creatively 

Affirm an agreement 

Document the agreement 

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