Team activity — Volunteer together

This team-building activity can help build resiliency through improved social support and self-efficacy.  

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Time required

Approximately 15 minutes, depending on group size (plus the time spent on the actual volunteering project).


Have your team choose a project that everyone can take part in either virtually or in-person: supporting a soup kitchen, holding a charitable or fundraising event, sponsoring a child, etc.

If the project that your team wants is not obvious, you can ask people to record as many ideas for a volunteer project as they can. And then group the ideas that are similar and give each employee an opportunity to vote on their top 3. If they choose, they can put all 3 of their votes on one option. The most votes would be the opportunity you go with first. 

Provide reasonable work time to engage in the project as a group. 

Once the project is over, ask the team to share what they got out of the experience. 

Ask the group to choose which volunteer project they’d wish to participate in next, including the one they just did. 

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