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Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

Many organizations provide free and credible resources to help you plan workplace wellness activities. We have highlighted some of them here to help you develop and deliver a cost-effective program for your employees.

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Themes and Ideas

Promote awareness within your workplace with these resources or attend one of the many events held across the country.

Get in touch with the Heart and Stroke Foundation in your area to see about speakers and resources to run your own Heart Month campaign. They provide many resources about living a healthier lifestyle. Consider having employees share their own personal stories of maintaining heart health or recovery from heart-related illness.

Download a free toolkit that includes ideas related to social media, fundraising, and awareness building.

International Epilepsy Awareness Day is a special event which promotes awareness of epilepsy in more than 120 countries each year. Every year on the second Monday of February people join together to celebrate and highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy, their families and carers. Encourage staff to submit artwork to the national competition or attend any of the events held annually across the globe. This resource kit will also give you ideas for other ways to be more aware of epilepsy.

Bullying in any situation can pose serious mental and physical health concerns. Host a workshop where all employees and management think about the impact they have on each other in the workplace. Slides, participant guides and facilitator's notes are all free for download. The Pink Shirt Day (Feb 26) website also has free content that you can use to become more aware of bullying.

Improve awareness of how our actions might affect others.

Encourage staff to use stairs or other forms of activity to promote heart health.