Putting psychological and social support on the agenda

Learn how to facilitate a team discussion to address psychological and social support in the workplace. This resource includes a guide and slides to help you get started.

Facilitate an effective team discussion about addressing and improving psychological and social support in your workplace. The intended outcome is to create a practical and cost-effective action plan that works for your team.

Psychological and social support

Psychological and social support is a work environment where the organization is supportive of employees' psychological health concerns and provides assistance as needed.

These statements make up the psychological and social support factor in Guarding Minds at Work:

  1. My employer offers services or benefits that support employees.
  2. My employer would support me if I were psychologically distressed.
  3. People in my workplace understand the importance of protecting psychological health and safety.
  4. People with disabilities are supported to do their jobs effectively.
  5. My employer helps employees to cope with workplace stress.

Team discussion

Engage your entire team in reviewing the factors that impact psychological health and safety in your workplace. This approach is recommended by the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. By doing this, you build awareness of the responsibility of each employee to contribute to a positive workplace culture. You also get their involvement in developing and being part of the solution.


Policy development

This session builds on employee ideas developed in the Creating awareness workshop. The next step is to engage decision makers in reviewing employee suggestions against evidence− or practice−based approaches. The objective is to modify or create policies and procedures that improve psychological and social support for your organization.


Evidence-based actions for Psychological and social support

Suggested actions are based on research or practice that can improve each psychosocial factor shown. In most cases, free resources are provided to help you move forward with or without additional funding.

Each of the psychosocial factors identified in Guarding Minds at Work and the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace have similar resources that can be found here.