Guarding Minds at Work™ provides organizations with proactive, comprehensive ways to assess the psychological health and safety of their specific workplaces, combined with information on appropriate solutions and a method of measuring the effectiveness of those solutions.

The free resource includes:

  • Practical, user-friendly assessment tools, including an organizational review and an online survey to measure psychological health and safety in the workplace through psychosocial factors such as levels of psychological support and protection, workload management, work/life balance and more.
  • A Guarding Minds at Work™ Survey Results Report with actions to help reduce psychosocial risks in the workplace.
  • Evaluation tools to measure progress and outcomes.
  • An explanation of the concept of psychological health and safety.
  • The business case and some legal and health considerations on why psychological health and safety in the workplace is important.

How to Use Guarding Minds at Work More Effectively is a guide that can help you get buy-in and commitment from workplace stakeholders through thoughtful preparation and a plan for acting on survey results.

Once you have your results from Guarding Minds at Work, you may want help facilitating the conversation with staff. On the Agenda is a series of interactive sessions for leaders to engage their teams in discussions about improving workplace psychological health.

Slide presentations are provided for human resource professionals, managers and other leaders to facilitate discussion on workplace psychological health, addressing issues flagged by the Guarding Minds at Work program. How to Use On the Agenda provides a step by step approach to help facilitate team discussions related to psychological health and safety.

The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace defines a psychologically healthy and safe workplace as "a workplace that promotes workers' psychological well-being and actively works to prevent harm to worker psychological health including in negligent, reckless or intentional ways." A workplace that pays attention to the psychological health and safety of its employees, in addition to their physical health and safety, is likely to have a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Another free resource, the Psychological Health and Safety Management System provides a step-by-step approach to workplace psychological health and safety that can be integrated within your organization's existing policies and processes. This resource has been designed to align with the National Standard.

The free resources have been commissioned by the Centre to assist you in adopting the Standard and addressing psychological health and safety in your workplace.