Guarding minds at work survey statements

Each of the statements included in the Guarding Minds at Work employee survey are available for review.

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Below you will see all 61 statements1 from the Guarding Minds at Work employee survey. 

You can also view the statements organized by the category below:

Guarding Minds at Work is a resource designed to help assess, protect and promote psychological health and safety in the workplace. All answers are anonymous and individual responses will be kept confidential.

Employees are asked to keep the following in mind while completing the survey:

  • Unless otherwise instructed, please choose:
    • 1 – Never if the statement is never true
    • 5 – Always only if you believe this statement would be true in every instance
    • 2-4 – Rarely, Sometimes or Often if this better represents the frequency to which you believe the statement would be true.
  • Answer based on your own personal experiences in your current job.
  • This survey is concerned with your thoughts, opinions and feelings. If you are unsure of an answer, please select the option that you believe is most likely to be true.
  • Please substitute the relevant term you use when the survey statements refer to the following:
    • Employee = Any worker, paid or unpaid
    • Supervisor = The person you report to directly
    • Management = Those with authority to make decisions on behalf of the employer.

This survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and contains statements about common work experiences.

Employee survey statements

  1. My employer encourages me to take my entitled breaks.
  2. I am able to reasonably balance the demands of work and personal life.
  3. My employer promotes work-life balance.
  4. I can talk to my supervisor when I am having trouble maintaining work-life balance.
  5. I feel supported at work when I am dealing with personal issues.
  6. People treat each other with respect at work.
  7. My workplace effectively handles conflict among employees.
  8. People from all backgrounds are treated fairly in my workplace.
  9. My workplace has effective ways of addressing inappropriate behaviour from the people we serve.
  10. I know what I am expected to do in my job.
  11. Difficult situations at work are addressed effectively.
  12. I am informed of important changes that may impact how my work is done.
  13. My supervisor supports me to do my job successfully.
  14. The reasons behind organizational changes are explained.
  15. I am told about the impact of organizational change on my job.
  16. I am willing to give extra effort at work if needed.
  17. I feel I am part of a community at work.
  18. My supervisor supports my personal growth.
  19. My supervisor is open to my ideas for taking on new opportunities at work.
  20. I have the opportunity to take on new challenges.
  21. My employer values employees’ ongoing personal development.
  22. I am provided with the necessary training to perform my job well.
  23. I have a say in how I will manage organizational changes that affect me.
  24. I have some control over how I organize my work.
  25. My suggestions are considered at work.
  26. I am informed about important changes at work in a timely manner.
  27. I am encouraged to participate in decisions that impact my work.
  28. People in my organization are held accountable for their actions.
  29. Employees and management trust one another.
  30. Organizational values are demonstrated at all levels.
  31. When physical risks are identified, my employer responds effectively.
  32. People at work understand the importance of protecting employee physical safety.
  33. I have what I need to do my job safely.
  34. When psychological risks are identified, my employer responds effectively.
  35. People with mental health issues are supported to do their jobs effectively.
  36. People with physical health issues are supported to do their jobs effectively.
  37. My employer helps employees cope with workplace stress.
  38. Management appointments consider the “people skills” necessary for specific positions.
  39. I am able to do my job in a way that aligns with my values.
  40. My employer makes efforts to prevent harm to employees from discrimination.
  41. It is safe to speak up at work.
  42. My employer makes efforts to prevent harm to employees from bullying.
  43. I am paid fairly for the work I do.
  44. Our organization celebrates our shared accomplishments.
  45. I am recognized for good performance.
  46. The amount of work I am expected to do is reasonable for my position.
  47. I can talk to my supervisor about the amount of work I have to do.
  48. I have sufficient time to complete my work.
  49. Deadlines are reasonable.
  50. The frequency of staff turnover is reasonable for our sector.
  51. I feel my job is secure.
  52. People in my workplace understand the importance of protecting employee psychological safety.
  53. I can do my job effectively with the tools and equipment provided.

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  1. My home life suffers because of my work.
  2. I feel lonely when working.
  3. I feel burned out in my job.
  4. My work threatens my psychological health.
  5. I am currently being treated unfairly at work because I have a mental illness.
  6. I am currently being bullied at work.
  7. I am currently being harassed (verbally, physically, or sexually) at work.
  8. I am currently experiencing discrimination at work.

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